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May 19, 2012 5:00am PDT
themselves as a globalized enemy that has only, quince dentally, happened in the united states. that's a bit much, but essentially true. >> i think that's one of the essential points and one of the essential points of this post-cold war, buddhacratic era. he doesn't see himself as unpatriotic, but he has a fiduciary responsibility to his shareholders. i don't think that's something that voters and national governments have really figured out. >> you quote raymond on page 71 of the book. you say that he was at a meeting and another executive h said, you know, you should build more refineries in the u.s., right? >> we need them for security and he says i'm not a u.s. company. i don't do what's in the interest of the united states. and that was a bit direct. he's kind of a direct person. but structurally, it's the reality of the way they actually operate. and they're very self conscience about it. it's all government. they construct their own foreign economic and security policies on a global basis because that's the way they're organized and they're remarkably self conscious about their indepe
May 12, 2012 5:00am PDT
of the united states now in the 21st century. what i'm most curious about is in this time of rising debts and medical issues if republicans would go out on a limb and try to miake this a campaign issue while sitting very firmly without question on the wrong side of history on it? >> i mean, really. now, shep smith is a bit of an anomalous personality there. but you can imagine a time not very long ago when this would have been a softball right into the fox news wheel house. this would have been war on christmas, new black panthers, jeremy wright all -- jeremiah wright all rolled up into one. and what have we gotten? nothing. what does that say? >> i think the polling has obviously shifted dramatically. independents favor gay rights. and young republicans, even, in some polls. there's obviously an electoral concern that they don't want to turn off the independent voters here. but i also think there's something else happening which is obama himself is the subject of the culture war. so you had these things, these cultural means in the '80s and '90s. sometimes gay rights and flag burning, sc
May 6, 2012 5:00am PDT
the united states is headed. for those on the religious right, china is the natural endpoint of america's slide, a communist regime that suppresses religious expression and forces women to have only one child. for the left, china is the corporatist neoliberal nightmare that we're in the process of becoming. a place where the force of the state is used to suppress dissent and aid the bosses to run sweat shops where millions of workers work in misery to produce goods for us. for establishment elites like tom friedman, china can win the future without the roadblocks of democracy and progress. when china needed to relocate people to build the three gorges dam, they just did it. because china con found us, the only reliable rule of our domestic politics is that the party out of power will happily condemn china's abuses and taunt the party in power for its cowardly appeasement. >> i would be firm, i would say if you want to continue most-favored nations status for your government-owned industries as well as your private ones, observe human rights in the future. open your society. >> less than
May 5, 2012 5:00am PDT
of countries from around the world... ...with the best math scores. ...the united states would be on that list. in 25th place. let's raise academic standards across the nation. let's get back to the head of the class. let's solve this. >>> if our political institutions seem more dysfunctional than before, it's probably because they're more polarized than before. we're not just talking about our congress. even our voters at large, the broad center seems to be rapidly diminishing. one of the kinds that we're seeing now is if it makes it difficult if not impossible to relate to people. there are two books out now that try to parse this phenomenon. we have the authors of both of those books here with us today. chris mooney, who as i mentioned before is the author of the republican brain. joining us is jonathan height and author of the righteous mind, why good people are divided. i think this is, in some ways, the most important single issue to figure out and discuss. i used to think that people's concerns about polarization were this bourgeois establishment and the vanguard of righteousness. i've
May 27, 2012 5:00am PDT
united states would be on that list. in 25th place. let's raise academic standards across the nation. let's get back to the head of the class. let's solve this. we charge everything else... maybe it's time to recharge the human battery. only the beautyrest recharge sleep system combines the comfort of aircool memory foam layered on top of beautyrest pocketed coils to promote proper sleeping posture all night long. the revolutionary recharge sleep system from beautyrest... it's you, fully charged. thought they were dead. [ laughter ] [ grunting ] huh? [ male announcer ] should've used roundup. america's number one weed killer. it kills weeds to the root, so they don't come back. guaranteed. weeds won't play dead, they'll stay dead. roundup. no root. no weed. no problem. >>> thinking today and observing memorial day. that will be happening tomorrow. just talked with lieutenant colonel steve burke, an officer with the marines. had to tell people. i think it's interesting, because it is, i think very difficult to talk about the war dead and the fallen, without invoking valor, without invoking
May 26, 2012 5:00am PDT
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May 20, 2012 5:00am PDT
as the united states. it borrows money for next to nothing. as long as you have a sovereign currency, and you let it float and you have your debts in your sovereign currency, you are not subject to attacks from these bond vigilantes, you will not become greece. so that's all nonsense. what's happened is they've used this stupidity of this budget debt limit, which makes no sense when you're not -- >> as a procedural matter, it makes no sense. >> every other conceivable way, it is stupid, it is simply a way to extort. and they deliberately extorted something that would impede the recovery. >> they force significant cuts in spending on the soesh side. the already-inadequate stimulus, which everybody in economics told them it was inadequate, got more inadequate. meanwhile, we've allowed a complete gratuitous crisis in state and local government. because the obama proposed the right thing, a republican idea, revenue-sharing. everybody -- >> explain what revenue sharing. federal government gives money to state and local governments. >> state and local governments, unlike the federal government don'
May 13, 2012 5:00am PDT
of compact in the united states where what we deny women in social support or status or kind of economic security, we make up for in sort of insip i had condescending praise. >> i think we do the same thing, it's funny, we do the same thing with troops, another kind of cultural figure where if you look at you know, we three tours of duty, average length of deployment is increased, longer wait times in the va. the substantive lack of support is by the hero worship. and there's a similar cultural role. one of the things i found interesting about the ann romney op-ed it reads a little like a hostage video, there's a certain degree to which, through the subtext of it, she's talking about praising it. she is honest about the difficulties, right. in the part that i'm citing, she says the day my first boy was born i felt woefully unprepared, my mother took pity and stayed with me for two weeks, that wasn't enough. as she was preparing to leave, i cried like i was the baby. i told her i wasn't ready, i had no idea what to do. people often ask me what it was like to raise five boys, i won't sugar
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)